From First Meeting to Front Page News in Less Than Thirty Days.

It was a month before the start of the holiday season and our client Shelter Cove Towne Centre – a brand new 75 million dollar retail, dining and residential development that was still under construction – was looking for a way to engage the local community and increase traffic. They asked us to come up with a big idea that would put the new center firmly on the community map and endear it to the hearts and minds of the local consumers.

Enter the Dove Street Festival of Lights.

Dark for the past four years, the Dove Street Festival of Lights was a legendary “tastefully tacky” local holiday lights exhibition that had attracted more than a thousand cars a night, leading it to outgrow its original neighborhood location.  Other venues had tried to interest the Dove Street founders into bringing the display back to life, but no other place had been just right.

Until now.

Recognizing that the spirit of the Dove Street display was in perfect alignment with Shelter Cove Towne Centre’s brand position to be an energy generating center for the Island and its guests, 50,000 tiny twinkling light bulbs went off our in heads. We reached out to the original founders of the festival, presented our idea, and with approval to proceed and budgets established, the WDM team set to work producing and promoting this historic holiday event. 

Three weeks later, a host of local media were on hand to watch and report as the new mayor of Hilton Head Island threw the switch on the new home of the Dove Street Festival of Lights. And then the cars started to line up. And the children started to sing. And the center tenants started to smile.

And that’s the end of story. Until next year!