The Long Cove Club story meets at the intersection of two things:
a consumer need and a cultural nerve.


The Consumer Need

The next generation of Long Cove Club members have needs and desires that are different from those of the 1980’s. They have different priorities. Their kids have flown the nest, but they don’t see it as empty. Not by a long shot. They see a tomorrow filled with rewards and promise and activity. They know who they are and where they’ve been. They want to know what’s next. They are eager and energetic; they are ready to embrace the rewards afforded by years of hard work, and they are actively seeking a private community with a matching membership personality.

The Cultural Nerve

Today, more than ever, the world around us is shrinking as we travel effortlessly to destinations around the globe, yet find that authentic neighborly connections are rare.   We live fast-paced lives that are more digitally connected than people connected and are always-on, 24/7.  So now, as the business of a successful life affords us the luxury of time and the ability to create the next chapter, we want to land somewhere where the people are real and the connections are authentic. We want to belong somewhere. We long for … belonging.

The Long Cove Club story meets at the intersection of this cultural nerve and consumer need. Our ability to make special and lasting connections both inside and outside the club makes us uniquely capable of meeting the needs of the next generation. Most private golf club communities can boast geographical assets and attributes similar to ours, but no other club in the Lowcountry has our membership. The caring Long Cove Club community is the jewel in our crown.

Our members connect with each other, with our staff, and with our community in a warm and welcoming manner that is unlike any other private golf club experience in the Lowcountry, and we are going to communicate this unique differential to our new audience. 

We are going to deliver the warm and welcoming message that we understand exactly where these prospective members have been and where they want to be now. We are going to let them know in a beautiful, casually elegant yet unpretentious manner that what these members are looking for … what they are longing for … is Long Cove Club.


Be{Longing} is our campaign theme and has multiple meanings. Through it we are leading with our emotional engagement point: a desire for authentic connection.

"Belonging" is defined as to fit in a specific environment, or an intimate relationship.

But there is more to it than that. We used {braces} to redefine it. Much like braces are used in mathematics and poetry to define sets, we used the braces to separately define the two elements and create an action statement. "Be" is our target audience's current state. They've been many places and are accomplished. The question is now what will they be and who will they be with? "Longing" is an earnest desire, a hunger for life and relationships. Together they form a statement: "Be Longing".

This concept goes much further than one statement. It can be used with many other meaningful words which we will use to present our golf course, our facilities, our people and more.

Our visuals are warm and inviting with broad expanses of beauty containing intimate moments of human connection. Furthermore we are going to personify Long Cove Club's unique and caring community with a visual metaphor that will be used as a symbol of connection throughout our campaign.

The Gorgonian sea fan is a type of brightly colored undersea coral colony that is found in abundance in our corner of the Atlantic. It's not a single organism but a vibrant community thriving and growing together. Just as the sea fan, our club has branches that reflect a multitude of interests, hobbies and experiences ... but all of us are rooted and bound by the same desire for connection.

An example of a sea fan, one of many, can be found right in the heart of our clubhouse. We're going to use this as a symbol throughout our materials as a metaphor for our differentiator, a club that really cares about its members, staff and the community.

Below are examples of the emotional power our print ads will have when paired with inspirational quotes and the visual beauty of Long Cove Club.

Our digital ads will reflect the same breathtaking imagery while promoting specific amenities to specific audiences.

Our ads and marketing materials will all lead to our new responsive website.

All pages on our website will invite the reader to inquire about visiting us and to view our inventory of available properties. From here we will fill our future pipeline with qualified member prospects who desire the unique qualities of Long Cove Club and help prepare to sustain our club for the next generation.