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Moss Creek had been maintaining their marketing internally for a number of years, which served them well for a long time. It had been a number of years since they had made refinements to their brand, and the need was arising for a fresh approach both creatively and tactically for positioning Moss Creek to find their place in the booming Bluffton real estate market. The marketing team at Moss Creek heard about the WDM success formula from other marketing managers at high-end private club communities and reached out to see what team WDM could do for them. Moss Creek had a remarkable story to tell including one of the most naturally beautiful and ideally located pieces of land in the South Carolina Lowcountry. It was time to build a brand story from the ground up that was an accurate and authentic representation of this special and unique community. The WDM process revealed interesting stories that showcased the strong connection that club members have to nature and the community. The WDM creative team was able to present them in new and exciting ways including the latest digital tactics coupled with traditional media.