'Get Connected' Campaign

South Florida State College is a unified college. They support the region in all that they do, and they connect South Florida to the world. They think and act globally to transform their campus and classroom initiatives into technologies and ideas that impact the world in a positive way.

The college was ready to increase their impact by targeting the traditional prospective student population, focusing on young adults ages 18-24. WDM developed an approachable, attainable, within-your-reach campaign to attract students who are undecided on their future, who believe college may not be for them.

South Florida State College is a college that connects students to a path that will take them farther than they ever thought possible. They help students put their education into action, allowing them to make and strengthen connections at the college with engaged faculty and other students, with employers in the workplace, and ultimately with the world. 

All you have to do is make the first connection to South Florida State College and apply.

It’s time to…


'Mucho Futuro' Campaign

Hispanic families and their communities are an important and valuable component of the service area that South Florida State College represents. Hispanic students represent an opportunity for the college to reach more people providing even greater workforce development and economic advantage for their region.

South Florida State College was recently awarded a U.S. Department
of Education Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) STEM grant to improve access to
and success in STEM degrees and career fields for students in their region.

WDM began by digging in and spending time with Hispanic students and their families as well as community leaders and faculty at the college to get a true understanding of the issues and challenges ahead for these families and the college. As a result, WDM developed a strategic marketing campaign and implemented specific tactics that we designed to create an atmosphere filled with trust, credibility, and believability. We will send the emotional, positive, and fiercely encouraging message that, thanks to STEM, the families and children of the Hispanic communities we serve at South Florida State College have…