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For  decades,  we’ve  associated  the  center  of  things  as  the  place  where  all  the  action  happens.  Command  centers.  Town  centers.  Center  court.  The  center  provides  the  heartbeat,  the  pulse,  with  all  excitement  emanating  from  there, and  every  great  destination  has  its  center.  New  York  City  has  Times  Square.  Boston  has  Faneuil  Hall.  Chicago  has  the  Magnificent  Mile.  With  the  addition  of  Shelter  Cove  Towne  Centre,  Hilton  Head  Island  has  found  its  energy  center: a place  designed  to  pull  people  in;  a  place  where  you  feel  drawn  to  the  magnetic  excitement;  a  place  that’s  filled  with  the  hustle  and  bustle  of  life.  

The  new  apartments  at  Shelter  Cove  Towne  Centre  moved one  step  closer  to  fulfilling  the  original  vision  for  this  exciting  new  development  as  an  energy  center  and  gathering  place  for  our  community. These  new  apartments  are  unlike  anything  Hilton  Head  Island  has  seen  before, and the development team at Southeastern knew that they had one chance to launch them right.  Building on the successful branding and launch of the Shelter Cove Towns Centre, the team at WDM presented  the stunning  new  apartments  with an equally unique and memorable name and branding campaign that  is  timely, unique, and will  immediately  change  the  landscape  of  Hilton  Head  real  estate.  

Welcome to WaterWalk.